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Media Source:Globe Magazine
Date:Jan 03, 2013
Globe Magazine featuring Weigh Down and Andy and Maggie Sorrells

The following article entitled, “Hope and Faith Help Couple Drop 568 lbs” was published in Globe Magazine. You can read excerpts from this article below.

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Maggie, now 38, had been warned by her doctors that if she didn’t lose weight she’d die because she had a family history of heart disease and diabetes.

But it wasn’t until she visited her mom in the hospital and stepped on a scale that she realized just how heavy she’d become.

“My household scale stopped at 300 pounds,” the 5-foot-6 brunette tells GLOBE. “When I saw the hospital scale rested at 440, I was shocked!”

A friend told her about Weigh Down Ministries, a faith-based program that helps people conquer their food addiction by tuning to God. She joined the classes and the pounds started peeling off…

…The Franklin, Tenn., couple credits the program founded by Gwen Shamblin for turning their lives around…

“We’ve managed to keep the weight off because we’ve learned to put our focus on our faith, not food. Our portions are much smaller and we only eat when we’re truly hungry,” she says.