CNN Article – “Incredible shrinking couple loses 580 pounds”

Media Source:CNN Health
Date:Jul 01, 2013

When Maggie Sorrells looks at her husband, Andy, she doesn’t see the man she married. In fact, most days, she doesn’t even recognize herself.

Maggie and Andy Sorrells weighed 440 pounds and 505 pounds, respectively, at their heaviest.

Before the Franklin, Tennessee, couple met online, both had endured lifelong struggles with weight and emotional overeating. Together, they had a combined weight of nearly 1,000 pounds.

Maggie, who had a family history of heart disease and diabetes, had been warned by her doctor at the age of 27 that she wouldn’t live to see 30. But her real moment of truth came when she visited her mother in the hospital.

“The biggest shock of my entire life was stepping on a hospital scale and realizing I weighed 440 pounds,” she recalls.

Until that moment, Maggie says she never knew how much she weighed, because she was too heavy to register on a household scale.

Andy, like Maggie, tried countless diets but failed to keep the weight off. At his heaviest, he was 505 pounds and had to have most of his size 64 clothing made by his mother to fit his 6-foot-3-inch frame.

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